Sophie Gannon Gallery

27 Jun 2024 – 13 Jul 2024

Born and based in Melbourne, Cameron Gill (born 1987).

Gill’s work reveals a painter with a deep understanding of modern and contemporary landscape traditions and an uncommon gift for exploring the idiosyncrasies of mark-making in fresh, compelling ways.

Painting with oil on board and canvas – and, more recently, using oil on board and an etching press to make monotypes – Gill creates all-enveloping landscapes of visual entanglement, loosely based on sketches drawn and photographs taken while traversing pockets of bushland throughout his hometown.

Less interested in evoking a sense of place or exploring the historical resonances of a particular site, Gill employs landscape as a formal framework in which to build his lyrical, partially abstracted pictures that are notable for their dense, rhythmic compositions and dark colour harmonies.