Established in 2006, Sophie Gannon Gallery is situated in the Melbourne inner city suburb of Richmond at 2 Albert Street. The gallery is dedicated to representing the finest Australian contemporary art and design. Our annual program consists curated, group and solo exhibitions across the two gallery spaces, plus off-site artist, private and public projects. The gallery also regularly participates in commercial Art Fairs.


Represented artists and designers include Adam Pyett, Anna Carey, Clare Thackway, Cameron Gill, Camille Hannah, Celia Gullett, Cressida Campbell, Elliat Rich, Ember Fairbairn, Emily Ferretti, Fiona McMonagle, Fred Fowler, Graham Fletcher (NZ), Huseyin Sami, John Nicholson, Judith Wright, Julia Gorman, Laura Jones, Leslie Rice, Mark Whalen, Martin Smith, Mason Kimber, Monica Rohan, Nathan Hawkes, Nicholas Harding, Paul Davies, Paul Spencer, Ross Taylor, Ryan Hoffmann, Sarah Smuts-Kennedy (NZ), Selina Ou and Vera Möller.


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Exhibiting in 2022:


Julia Gorman

Laura Jones (Melbourne Art Fair) Stand E5

Camille Hannah

Designwork #06 – Daniel Emma

Emily Ferretti

Selina Ou (PHOTO2022)

Laura Patterson

Monica Rohan

Ryan Hoffmann

Mason Kimber

Laura Jones

Ember Fairbairn

Nathan Hawkes

Cameron Gill

Paul Davies