Juz Kitson Formless within ourselves 2022 Jingdezhen porcelain, stoneware, raku, various glazes, fired multiple times 80 x 35 x 13 cm $5,800.00
Juz Kitson Formless within ourselves; change is the only constant 2023 Jingdezhen porcelain, stoneware and various glazes 55 x 53 x 13 cm $5,500.00
Juz Kitson Existing all at once; suspended in the eternal present 2023 Stoneware, raku, black oxide. Reduction fired. 72 x 63 x 14 cm $8,900.00
Juz Kitson That quiet love that permeates everything 2023 Jingdezhen porcelain, multiple glazes, oxidation firing 77 x 25 x 26 cm $11,900.00
Juz Kitson There have been many sightings in the wilderness, where they have been observed engaging in unusual behavior such as remaining motionless for extended periods in specific locations, seemingly doing nothing but gazing at picturesque landscapes. No II 2023 Earthenware, raku and multiple glazes 89 x 45 x 46 cm $14,000.00
Juz Kitson Shadows make the light shine brighter 2023 Jingdezhen porcelain, stoneware, multiple glazes, recycled building glass, resin, rabbit fur, marine ply and treated pine 113 x 100 x 40 cm $18,000.00
Juz Kitson The secret of the golden flower 2023 Jingdezhen porcelain, recycled building glass, murano glass, rabbit fur, fox fur, cashmere goat hide, marine ply and treated pine 118 x 125 x 32 cm $18,000.00
Juz Kitson All will reveal itself when you dive in and dive in deep 2023 Stoneware, raku, terracotta, luster, various glaze 93 x 210 x 85 cm $34,000.00
Juz Kitson You are stronger than you think, you are more than you know. No II 2022 Jingdezhen porcelain, stoneware, midfire, raku, various glazes, fired multiple times 136 x 94 x 21 cm $10,400.00
Juz Kitson Alteration of incoming sensoria 2022 Stoneware, raku, oxide, lustre 69 x 40 x 39 cm $11,900.00
Juz Kitson You are everything; ripples moving ever outwards 2018 Jingdezhen porcelain, merino wool, rabbit fur, marine ply and treated pine 105 x 62 x 30 cm $19,000.00
Juz Kitson Thousands of words exist silently in your memory 2018 Hand blown and slumped glass, polyester thread, rabbit fur, marine ply and treated pine 200 x 78 x 60 cm $22,000.00
Juz Kitson Observe the many ways, liminal spaces bordering things we already know. In memory of the wildfires. 2022 jingdezhen porcelain, black butt timber, steel, resin, silicone, enamel, marine ply 115 x 46 x 40 cm $22,000.00