Focusing on symbiotic relationships and interspecies entanglements, these artworks consider the underground mycelial networks that connect forests, the giant termite mounds that provide a home for mutualistic communities, and the microorganisms that inhabit human bodies and are integral to our existence. 

Curated by Jacqueline Doughty, this exhibition features artists including Mikala Dwyer, Nicholas Mangan, Angelica Mesiti, Clare Milledge, Vera Möller, James Morrison, Isadora Vaughan, Jahnne Pasco-White, Adele Wilkes, Mulkun Wirrpanda and John Wolseley.

Still Life will be on view upstairs at Buxton Contemporary from Friday 3 June 2022, and is exhibited alongside Susan Jacobs: The Ants are in the Idiom.