The ATW is working with Emily Ferretti on a new tapestry that will be part of the ongoing ‘Weaving Futures’ project. ⁠With support from the Playing Foundation the ATW commissioned fifteen Australian artists to develop tapestry designs in 2020. ⁠
‘Planted Together’ was one of designs created by Emily Ferretti in 2020 for ‘Weaving Futures’ and is being woven offsite in Jennifer Sharpe’s Castlemaine studio. ⁠
Emily writes: “I experimented with the motifs of the two trees in ‘Planted Together’ as a way of representing ideas around human connection and growth with the trees touching each other almost in a dance. I wanted to create movement in the work by using graphic representations of wind and cloud forms in the swirling shapes at the top of the work, and by using reflections, shadows and water motifs at the bottom of the work.”⁠

Image: Emily Ferretti at ATW | Photo credit: Tim Gresham