i was at IGA looking at some flowers for a dinner party at laura’s house. i picked out a dreary bunch of daisies. as i was paying, a bee buzzed around my ear and landed on my earlobe. it whispered “the sun is too hot and the water is too wet.” i brushed the bee off, grabbed a coffee and walked through the park towards laura’s.

while strolling through the park a bird landed on a branch near me and chirped a little. perhaps if i could understand birds it would have said “what a glorious day!” or “why have you bipedal creatures destroyed the natural balance of our ecosystem with your clanky shiny machines?” whatever it was, a dog barked at it and it flew away.

i arrived at laura’s house, and saw that on her dining table, she had an absurdly large alchemists jar filled with water lillies in full bloom. the bottom of the jar was filled with murky green water and frogs. the jar was almost fogged out by the steam from this swampy mixture. “what a curious object!” i thought out loud. a frog looked up at me and wrote in the steamy jar walls IN SHREK VOICE: WHAT ARE YOU DOING IN MY SWAMP?!

i got home later that night and facetimed my girlfriend, who was living in new york at the time. “did you get the dozen roses i sent?” it was our 4 year anniversary. “yes,” she replied “although they are slightly annoying, they are singing WAP (feat. Megan Thee Stallion) by Cardi B over and over.” i smiled nostalgically at her through our phones, “yes that’s our song remember?”

Jason Phu 2022