The content of the photographs emerged from an interview with Bangladeshi photojournalist and activist Dr Shahidul Alam. After Shahidul was imprisoned by the Bangladeshi government in 2018 his movements, speech and correspondence were monitored, resulting in a self-censorship that mirrors the process of stuttering. The questions asked in the interview were not designed to garner information regarding his incarceration but more ontological to collect ideas and personal philosophies. The verbal responses were then transcribed, the text laser cut, and the individual letters encased in resin to create a large negative that is then printed, similar to a photogram. The final image is 1:1 and provides a macro and micro view of an imaginary space where language, ideas, concepts and communication are formed. Each answer was recorded and will be presented alongside the work, so the viewer is listening to Dr Alam speak while watching the letters circle and settle in the atmosphere.