Matthew Allen

'My paintings always begin with the experience of colour. When I start out to make a painting I have a certain colour experience in mind, it has to do with the sense of weight or density I want the work to contain. This is an intuitive visual response to colour that is difficult to locate with language.'


New Zealand-born artist Matthew Allen, currently based in Amsterdam, is a painter interested in the breadth of colour experience. His approach to painting is driven by an inquiry into painting as a medium and a process. Allen's use of transparent or translucent glazes produces subtle tonal gradients in his colour field paintings, drawing the viewer into his atmospheric works.

Mathew Allen has exhibitied internationally and throughout Australia, and has held international studio residencies at Cite Internationale des Arts in Paris, France and the Mark Rothko Art Centre in Daugavpils, Latvia. His works are held in the collections at Artbank, Ipswich Art Gallery, the Wallace Arts Trust (New Zealand), the Mark Rothko Art Centre (Latvia), and in private collections througout Australia and Europe.



Matthew Allen in Art Collector

Matthew Allen is featured in the current issue of Art Collector as an artist receiving critical acclaim globally. Currently based in Amsterdam, Allen has a number of solo and group shows slated for the upcoming year, including YIA Paris, Lo sguardo di Narciso at The Flat Gallery in Milan, and a show at Neon Heater in Ohio. 

Allen's first solo exhibition at the gallery will open in April 2018. To request a preview of new works, please email the gallery.