Designwork 07 is Sophie Gannon Gallery’s 7th annual exhibition of works by some of Australia’s best designers. This exhibition features the work of Ashley Eriksmoen, Jonathan Ben-Tovim and Makiko Ryujin.

Ashley Eriksmoen is a designer-maker and based in Canberra. Eriksmoen’s practice spans critical design and contemporary craft, breaking down disciplinary boundaries.

Jonathan Ben-Tovin‘s ‘Diffusion Objects’ is a set of three floor lamps, created through a unique collaboration between Ben-Tovim and the text-to-image artificial intelligence software, DALL·E 2. These objects serve to test the creative potential of A.I., by utilising the technology as a creative collaborator, rather than merely a tool.

Makiko Ryujin is a Japanese-born, Melbourne-based woodturner, designer and photographer practising experimental techniques. Ryujin’s ‘shinki’ or burning vessels explore both form and composition pushing the medium to its limits.